ISO​-​Imperceptible Sounds Observatory (2010 - en proceso)

by Juan Cantizzani

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ISO “Imperceptible Sounds Observatories” is a site specific project based on to approximate imperceptible sounds events from our environment in order to create sound experiences and augmented aurality actions. An extension of inaudible sound to audible territory, an extension of the limits of our perceptions.
This project also aims to understand and discover our surrounding from a different gaze. Matter that make up our everyday life are the main characters here, providing information about our imperceptible physical environment events.

What forces control their movements, behaviours and transformations? we know so little about aural communication thru liquid or solid matter that I like to see our public space elements as a complex and resonant sound transmitter to work with it, explore, transfer and extend to the citizen.

ISO operate as an interactive site specific sound installation, as a sound maps and as a sound actions, all of them in the border zone between placement and movement. The degree of recontextualization and treatment of the field recordings are important issue in this work.


released December 23, 2014



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